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The Irony of Abortion

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The Sanctity of Human Life

At Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, we value all human life, especially the lives of our clients and their unborn children. That’s why this month we’re celebrating the Sanctity of Human Life. Sanctity of Human Life Day is observed the third Sunday of every January. So this year, it falls on January 17.

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan instituted this day near the anniversary of the famous (or more accurately: infamous) Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade in which their ruling effectively legalized abortion in our country, much like their recent ruling in favor of homosexual marriage.

This time every year, we simply stop and reflect on the effects that ruling has had on our culture. Not only have we seen over 55 million lives lost since the ruling in 1973, but we’ve also seen countless would-be mothers struggle with fear through an unplanned pregnancy, then ultimately make a choice that will haunt the majority of them for the rest of their lives. We now live in a culture where abortion and this downward cycle has become the norm. It’s become an untold epidemic.

Broken Promises: The Irony of Abortion

The irony is that abortion promises something it can never deliver. Anytime a woman or couple is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, there’s fear involved; fear of being a parent, fear of not having enough resources, fear of losing future dreams and plans. Abortion promises to alleviate those fears by attempting to “erase” the problem. The thing is, it does the exact opposite of what it promises.

You have to ask yourself, “What kind of future will satisfy me?” Because if children are life-changing in such a negative way, then abortion may lead to a satisfying future. Yet, as we at the Care Center have spoken with woman after woman and man after man who have had an abortion in their past, their future is only filled with regret. Abortion promises freedom, but only produces slavery to guilt and shame. Just to frame the issue: I’ve personally never met a person who’s seriously regretted having children; and I’ve never met a person who’s seriously been satisfied with having killed their unborn child.

What’s the Solution to Fear?

So, if abortion isn’t a satisfactory answer to the fear that most people facing an unplanned pregnancy experience, then what is? It’s not an easy answer, but I think the best way to put it is that those who face unplanned pregnancy simply need to face their fears. Abortion is the easy way out in one sense, but it’s also an unhealthy choice that has lasting negative-effects.

If you want to help, I think there are two basic approaches we can take to alleviate the fears that come with an unplanned pregnancy. The top-down approach is to change our culture through politics, economics, entertainment, etc. If we can encourage our culture through these avenues to support pregnancy and parenthood, rather than have a negative perception of children and promote abortion, that will go a long way toward ending the perceived necessity of abortion. I’m talking about major shifts including changing our laws, getting schools to provide on-site care for the children of their students, encouraging businesses to provide extended maternity leave with full pay for working mothers, and so on. The culture has to change.

But not everyone has sway in the top-down approach. That’s one reason the pregnancy care center exists. We approach the problem from the bottom-up. Our focus is to empower women and men to face their unplanned pregnancy without fear. We offer an array of services to clients to empower them, including an abortion recovery class for women and men who are dealing with negative effects from a past abortion.

If you’ve had an abortion in your past and you’re struggling with guilt, shame, and regret, know that you’re not alone. We can offer you a way forward. There is forgiveness and there is grace. This is why we’re a Christian organization. We believe the only way to move past guilt and shame is to find freedom in placing all hope and trust in Jesus. He came to earth to set us free from our guilt. Please consider talking to someone at the Care Center further about this.

If you’re a Christian and simply want to be involved in the mission of the Care Center, please check out our Partner’s Page and contact us to get involved. Abortion is something that undermines our very value as humans. It’s not just another issue to support. Abortion is arguably the most urgent and devastating issue we face in our time. Please consider how you can make a difference whether it’s top-down or bottom-up. We’re here to help.

Together we can make abortion unnecessary in our community!


Carter Mundy is the Assistant Executive Director for Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center. You can follow Carter on Twitter @carterpmundy or on his personal blog

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