This Is What We're Here For: A Client Story

This Is What We Are Here For: A Client Story

In January, I met with a young lady named Sarah 1 who came to the Care Center wanting a pregnancy test and to talk about her options. Sarah had taken many home-tests that were positive, but wanted confirmation on the new, unwanted pregnancy. Sarah was thinking about having an abortion because she wasn’t in a relationship with the baby’s father and was scared her reputation would be tarnished in her family and sorority. Sarah left the Care Center undecided that day, but informed.

A few weeks later, after many prayers and follow-up calls, Sarah called and said, “So, I don’t know how I am going to do this, but I want to carry-to-term and parent my baby. By the information that you gave me a few weeks ago, I was able to look at this pregnancy in another light, realize that it is a baby, that I am already a mother, and I want to learn how to be a mom to my baby.”

I was thrilled by her change of heart, because sometimes you never get to know the outcome of a session you’ve had with a client, and I continued to pray for Sarah!

In February, Sarah joined our parenting class and our relationship reality class to earn points for maternity and baby clothes and items. She completed both classes just two weeks ago! During those classes, Sarah’s heart truly began to change and she joined a local church, rededicated living for Jesus, and committed to raise her new baby in a Christian home. Sarah recently found out she’s having a boy and is very excited.

Her family has now committed to help her raise the baby, and her sorority sisters have even thrown her a baby shower and have wrapped their arms around her, so to speak. Both her parents and sorority have given her the support she thought she wouldn’t receive!!

Last week, Sarah came to turn in her points to “purchase” baby items. She received a brand new crib, mattress, baby comforter set, baby clothes, breast pump, a diaper bag full of baby necessities, and a baby carrier. When Sarah left, she had tears of joy coming down her face. She said to me, “Noah and I have been so blessed and touched by your organization. I feel like I had another baby shower! I just can’t believe a few weeks ago I came here scared, confused, disappointed in myself, lonely, and ashamed, and now I am leaving here feeling good, confident, joyful, and feeling like a mom! I’m ready now!”

At the Care Center, we empower women to fulfill their potential and to overcome the fear that so often drives them to abortion. It became unnecessary for Sarah; we can help others reach the same conclusion.

Haley Landry is Client Services Director for Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center. She just graduated with a degree in Social Work from UNCG, and loves working with volunteers and clients to help clients achieve their future dreams and goals. When she’s not at the Care Center she loves spending time with her husband and two dogs!

  1. The client’s name has been changed for confidentiality.