On the Frontlines - Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center

On the Frontlines

“Ring, ring.”

Normally, the sound of a phone ringing in a place of business is a disturbance and annoyance to the actual work being accomplished. However, at my work when I hear our phone ring my heart skips a beat. Within those few seconds before I answer thoughts fly through my mind: “What am I going to say? What’s her story going to be? How can I help her?”

Answering the phones isn’t merely a mundane task at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center. It’s our frontlines work—it’s proactively caring for women who have found themselves in a crisis, showing them they don’t have to be motivated by fear. They call us expecting to find help and it’s our privilege and opportunity to give it to them.

After working at the Care Center for only a week and a half, my heart has been broken in a new way for women. At the Care Center I am able to be a part of women’s life stories on a daily basis.

I’m in the bathroom when they see the double lines appear on their pregnancy test. I’m on the phone when they hang up because I told them we don’t perform or refer for abortions. I’m looking at their ultrasound picture and hear they’ve decided to carry their baby to term. It is in all of these moments I see how incredibly valuable the services provided by the Care Center really are.

God is love, and it is through the Care Center we are able to tell and show that love to women of all ages and backgrounds. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue our work with women who are making life-changing decisions.

Thank you.

Deanna Jewell is one of our Client Services Interns this summer. She is a senior at Moody Bible Institute Chicago and is studying Bible and Ministry to Women. She likes to travel and loves spending time with her sisters and nine nieces and nephews every chance she gets.