We Are Hiring: 5 New Positions Available • The Pregnancy Network

We Are Hiring: 5 New Positions Available

We are excited to share that we are hiring for 5 new positions at The Pregnancy Network. Review the summaries for each position below. Full job descriptions can be viewed on our Careers page or by clicking the button below.  Application instructions are provided under each job posting. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

1. Volunteer Coordinator – 25 hrs/week

The Volunteer Coordinator responsibilities include: recruitment, training, and ongoing development of all volunteers; partnership development with community organizations; implementation of Open House events and biannual volunteer appreciation events; collaboration with department directors to develop onboarding of all volunteers; and other duties as assigned.

2. Communications Coordinator – 25 hrs/week

The Communications Coordinator works with the Communications Department to implement appropriate marketing strategies on behalf of The Pregnancy Network. The Communications Coordinator is responsible for the maintenance and regular updating of all social media platforms, email updates to partners, the monthly client newsletter, blog post contributions, filming/production of in-house videos, assisting with podcasts, and other duties as assigned.

3. Client Services Coordinator – 25 hrs/week

There are two Client Services Coordinator positions available. Both positions are located in Winston-Salem. The Client Services Coordinator will be the first point of contact for clients and some donors, as well as provide administrative, client, and volunteer support across the organization. Responsibilities include: welcoming and receiving clients; checking clients in and out of appointments; answering, screening, and forwarding calls; scheduling client appointments; conducting client appointments; performing clerical duties, such as data entry, filing, copying, and faxing; and other duties as assigned.

4. Development Coordinator – 25 hrs/week

This position is located in Winston-Salem. The Development Coordinator works with the Development Director to raise funds through fundraising events, campaigns and major gifts in the Winston-Salem area. Duties will include outreach to current and past donors, potential new donors, administrative duties related to donor management, and other duties as assigned.