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Royal’s Story: Pregnant During a Pandemic

When Royal walked through the front door at The Pregnancy Network, she felt trapped. She felt she had no choice but to get an abortion. Following the recommendation of one of her friends, who also came to us for our services, Royal decided to make an appointment. Royal couldn’t have imagined what would happen next.

When she arrived at her appointment, she remembers feeling “overwhelmed and scared,” and uncertain about continuing her pregnancy. Royal shared that her friend who had visited The Pregnancy Network had also been feeling anxious about her pregnancy, but following her appointment, Royal noticed a change in her. Once discouraged, her friend had become confident about her future, and excited about her pregnancy. 

“My friend…she put me where I needed to be,” Royal shared.  When she left her first appointment, Royal recalls feeling empowered and encouraged knowing she had support. 

“That was the turning point for me, Royal said. ”[It] felt good to be able to know that I got up enough strength and courage [to choose life].” 

She and one of our registered nurses, Lauren, have continued their relationship ever since they met at Royal’s appointment. Royal noted that because of COVID-19, pregnancy has been “a little bit different…people can’t come to your visits, it’s been everything by yourself. So just to have someone reach out to you, ask you if everything’s okay…I was just so excited and happy that I met [Lauren] and came here to get this experience. I would recommend it to anyone.”  

Royal’s precious daughter was born on November 2nd, and we couldn’t be more proud of this beautiful mother’s bravery.

Kacey Minor

Kacey Minor

Kacey is the Communications Assistant at The Pregnancy Network.