Early Pregnancy Symptoms and What To Do Next

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and What To Do Next

Think you might be pregnant? According to the Mayo Clinic and Cone Health, these symptoms can be signs that your body is in the early stages of pregnancy. 

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Fatigue
Early in pregnancy, your levels of the hormone progesterone are high, making you feel especially sleepy. 

2. Nausea 
Morning sickness most commonly begins about 4 weeks into your pregnancy, and can continue into your first trimester. Some women experience nausea and vomiting earlier, and some go their whole pregnancy without experiencing these symptoms. You may also feel more sensitive to the taste or smell of certain foods. 

3. Breast Tenderness
Some women experience swelling, sensitivity and soreness  in their breasts. This is caused by the hormonal fluctuations that are happening as your body adjusts for the early stages of your baby’s development. 

4. A Missed Period
Missing one or more periods is usually a sign of pregnancy. However, a missed period can be deceiving if your menstrual cycle is irregular. An unusually light period can also be a sign of pregnancy. 

Other Possible Pregnancy Symptoms

Other symptoms of early pregnancy include feeling moody or emotional, due to the hormonal changes your body is making. You may also notice symptoms that are similar to what you experience at the start of your period, including bloating, cramping, or light spotting. The light spotting is known as implantation bleeding, occurring about 10 to 14 days after conception.  Some women have also noted constipation or nasal congestion occurring early in their pregnancies.

Since these symptoms can have other causes, like PMS, there are a few measures you can take until you know for sure. If you think you might be pregnant, it is recommended that you avoid the use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco. To avoid the risk of toxoplasmosis, it is also advised that you do not clean a cat litter box. Limiting your caffeine intake to 200 mg per day (approximately two 8 ounce cups of coffee), and taking a vitamin supplement with folic acid (or a prenatal vitamin) are also beneficial steps. 

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Kacey Minor

Kacey Minor

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