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‘Young Women Need Advocates’: Why One Volunteer Serves

Meet Carrie, a Peer Advocate at The Pregnancy Network. Her role is to meet with women and provide support and counsel during appointments. Though the training process for this volunteer position is lengthy, she says she is passionate about providing encouragement to women in the community—because she’s walked in their shoes. 

Encouraging Others

Carrie walked through her own unplanned pregnancy as a young adult, and was a single mother for many years. Her experience is what motivates her to help mothers who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. 

“Young women need advocates to help guide them to make healthy decisions, and I wanted to be there in their time of need.” She is passionate about helping women so they don’t have to feel as if abortion is their only choice.

“If I could do it, so many other women could do it as well.”

Making a Difference 

Her journey with The Pregnancy Network began many years ago. As a child, she and her mother volunteered by sorting baby and maternity clothing donations.

She says what she enjoys most about volunteering is, “Talking and connecting with the women and being real with them. I like the connection that I make and I hope that I make a difference.” 

She says at times it can be challenging to find out ways to connect women with the resources specific to their needs, but she is motivated by her Christian faith to take part in The Pregnancy Network’s mission.

 “I think we are all called to share about Jesus…while also sharing resources to help with [a woman’s] physical needs.” 

Becoming a Volunteer

Carrie shared these words of encouragement to someone interested in volunteering: “Come and check out the Open House, come and shadow…It’s amazing the seeds that you can plant by just being there and being present in someone’s time of need. You don’t always have to say the right thing, just be there and be present and let God use you.” 

You can find out more about volunteering with The Pregnancy Network at our Open House. The Pregnancy Network is volunteer-led and staff-supported. There are 16 different volunteer teams, and a variety of opportunities to get involved. We’d love to talk with you about finding the right fit for your interests and talents.