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Paula peyton - gang rape

Strong Mothers: Finding Hope After Rape Conception

Paula never expected that Wednesday night would end tragically. Yet even through the unimaginable, Paula says God redeemed her story and brought her a blessing through her pain. Paula was gang raped by her date and his roommate, and says she felt she was “left trying to pick up the pieces of my life.” She

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New Year New Season of Podcast

New Year, New Season of The Empowered Advocate Podcast

New year, new season of the Empowered Advocate podcast  The Pregnancy Network created our podcast with this goal: to equip and empower you, our listeners, to advocate for life at every stage. In Season 1 and Season 2, we shared real women’s stories and highlighted organizations making a difference. We also share conversations with notable

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S2E11: Interview with Melissa Ohden, Abortion Survivor

Melissa Ohden joins us on The Empowered Advocate podcast to share her story. Melissa is the survivor of an attempted saline abortion. Her story of rescue, redemption, and forgiveness is captivating, and she sheds light on the truth that there are hundreds of abortion survivors across the country whose stories have been hidden. Melissa is

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Live Action Speaker

Interview with Alison Centofante of Live Action

Meet Alison Centofante of Live Action Alison Centofante is the Director of External Affairs at Live Action, and we had the privilege of interviewing her on The Empowered Advocate podcast this month. Live Action is a pro-life media movement that exists to bring an end to abortion. In this episode, Alison shares her personal story

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The Church and Abortion

Should the Church Have Anything to Say About Abortion?

Many view abortion as a political issue. If that’s true, then should the church have anything to say about it? How can the church speak honestly about abortion without alienating those who have experienced it? Is abortion a topic that’s optional to speak about within the church? Carter Mundy joins us to discuss this and

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