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Finding Your Circle as a New Mom

Becoming a new mom is exciting, tiring, and even a bit overwhelming. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your new role as a mama. The joy of the snuggles is mixed with long nights, and lack of sleep; understandably, this can leave mamas both physically and mentally exhausted. In this tough, and sometimes confusing, first season of motherhood it’s important to surround yourself with a strong support system. Spending time with other moms is a great way to build those relationships. 

Summer is the perfect time of year to get outside. Here are a few ideas for venturing out of the house and embracing your circle.

  1. Invite a fellow mom friend to a park day. Stroll together or bring a blanket for your baby to hang out in the shade while you chat.
  1. Visit a fellow mama at her home or invite her to yours. Sometimes just a change of scenery does wonders! 
  1. Enjoy an ice cream with a friend. What’s better than ice cream and girl time?

We also realize it isn’t always easy to make new friends and connect. Sometimes we find ourselves in a different season of life than our current friends and that’s okay! There are many great resources for meeting new mom friends and growing your circle. 

Triad Moms on Main offers a great resource list of local mom groups you can become involved in. Just to name a few:

  1. Fit4Mom Piedmont: This group offers stroller-based walking exercises, monthly field trips, moms’ night-outs, weekly play dates, and more.
  1. Mama Village Triad: Mama Village builds relationships amongst mamas with playdates, group meetups, and family events. You can find them directly on Facebook by clicking here
  1. Well-natured Walks: This group meets weekly to explore walking trails in the Triad area. This is a great way to create new friendships while enjoying time in nature with your little one. Click here to give them a follow on Instagram and keep track of each week’s meeting places. 

Visit the link above for the Triad Moms on the Main page to check out the full list of local mom groups. 

Having another mom walking through the same season of life that you can vent to, seek advice from, and meet up for walks or coffee with your littles in tow, is invaluable. Motherhood truly does take a village and can help you embrace this new and exciting season in your life. The Pregnancy Network’s free pregnancy and parenting classes, as well as the free Connect program, are also great places to find a support system and build community. 

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