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Meet the Women Who Have Faced Their Unplanned Pregnancies Without Fear

If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, you may be experiencing many different emotions. It can be helpful to hear real stories from women who have been there. The women in the videos below have learned how to face their unplanned pregnancies without fear. Check out their stories and be reminded that you can do this too – and you’re not alone. 

A student with a dream of graduating: Genine’s story

Genine just knew having a baby would ruin her chances of finishing college. She scheduled an abortion – she wanted it done quickly. But she made a last minute, life-changing decision. Today, she’s a college graduate and a mother. Listen to her story.

Pregnant during a pandemic: Royal's story

Royal found out she was pregnant in the midst of the pandemic. A friend encouraged her to go to The Pregnancy Network for resources and support. Royal thought her only option was abortion, but soon found she could accomplish her career goals and be a mother. Watch her story. 

A single working mom who wouldn’t give up: Kari’s Story 

“[The Pregnancy Network] provided hope. For me, for the future, for my son, for myself and for my daughter. I can tell somebody going through my situation…that you’re not the only one that’s going through this…there are people who will support you and give you options.” Watch Kari’s story here.

Far from home and searching for community: Fanta’s story

Fanta had no family in the area at the time she found out she was pregnant. Lonely and looking for support, she came to The Pregnancy Network and signed up for the Connect Program. She never expected to find a lifelong friend. Watch her story here.

Equipped and confident for the future: Mandy’s story

Mandy and her fiance joined our Pregnancy & Parenting Class and gained the confidence they needed to welcome their new son into the world. 

“It was so comforting and reassuring to have all our fears addressed and to have a community of other people that were going through it at the same time.” Watch her story.

Uncertain about the future but made a courageous choice: Amanda’s story

“Finding out I was pregnant really stopped us in our tracks.” Amanda was afraid of what pregnancy would mean for her and her partner. She was nervous about finances and the future. Everything changed when she had her first ultrasound. Watch her story here. 

Convinced abortion was her only option: Ariel’s story

Ariel thought abortion was her only option. But the day of her abortion appointment, something changed. Ariel’s relationship with an unlikely friend helped her see things differently. Watch her story. 

Found healing after abortion: Patty’s story

Patty faced an unplanned pregnancy, and chose abortion. Listen to her share her story of healing.

Drew strength from a new friendship during and after pregnancy: Ashley’s story

Ashley wanted someone who could walk alongside her during her pregnancy. She found a true friend in Madison and realized she did not have to walk this road alone. Watch her story.

Boldly changed her mind and never looked back: Mercedes’ story

Play Video about Mercedes' Story

Mercedes went to her abortion appointment – but then walked out. She didn’t want to go through with the abortion – but she’d already taken the first abortion pill.  What happened next changed her life. Watch her story. 

We are here for you

We would love to walk alongside you during and after your pregnancy. Our registered nurses and trained peer advocates will provide you with all the information you need to make a fully-informed decision. You can talk with women who have been in your shoes. You can hear from women who have chosen to parent, to place for adoption, or have chosen abortion. 

You are not alone, and we are here to help. Click here to make an appointment for your free pregnancy test and limited ultrasound today. 

Mary Holloman

Mary Holloman

Mary is the Communications Coordinator at The Pregnancy Network.