Worried About Inflation? Here Are 10 Simple Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill.

Worried About Inflation? Here Are 10 Simple Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill.

If you’re feeling the strain of your monthly food bill, you’re not alone. Reports show that in the year 2022, grocery prices grew by as much as 12%. And when you’re feeding a family, that 12% hits hard.

But with strategic and thoughtful planning, there are ways to trim your bill. Here are 10 simple ways to save money on groceries each month. 

10 Ways to Save on Groceries

1. Make a list and stick to it.

If you walk into a grocery store without a plan, it’s far too easy to impulse buy and overspend. Take a few minutes to write out the meals you’ll make for the week, and then write each needed ingredient. Take the list with you to the store and buy only what’s on it. You can also order online and schedule a grocery pickup. This can save you a ton of time, and also help you stick to your plan.

2. Plan meals that use similar ingredients.

While you’re making that meal plan, look for ways you can use similar ingredients. For example, plan 2 or 3 meals that involve chicken, and then buy chicken in bulk as your meat for that week. Any chicken you don’t use can be frozen and used for the next week. That way you cut down on the extra cost of multiple types of meat, and you make what you do buy go farther.

3. Choose generic brands.

Reports show that consumers can save as much as 25% on products when they choose generic brands. Test out some different products to see what works for you. You may be surprised at how delicious many generic brands are!

4. Do the pantry challenge.

Challenge yourself to use everything in your pantry before going back to the store. You might be surprised at the creative meals you can put together with the random items in your cabinet! This can be a great activity to do with your children, too. Make it a game—see who can come up with the best, wackiest, or most creative meal!

5. Try a different grocery store.

You don’t have to remain loyal to your grocery store just because you’ve been shopping there for years. Consider trying a different place that will have cheaper options. Click here for a list of the cheapest grocery stores.

6. Use leftovers for lunch.

Running through the drive thru for lunch may be tempting—but those dollars add up quickly. When you cook dinner at night, go ahead and set aside portions to be saved for lunch the next day. This will cut down on both your grocery bill and the temptation to eat out.

7. Let money-saving apps do work for you.

There are several apps that will help you find great deals and discounts when shopping for groceries. Some will give you instant discounts, others provide rebates that can provide future savings. Click here for a list of the 20 best money saving apps.

8. Simplify dinners.

Not every meal has to have a cut of meat and multiple vegetables. Consider incorporating meatless meals a few times a week. Breakfast for dinner is also a great option—and one that is popular with the kids! Buying less meat is a great way to slash dollars on your monthly bill.

9. Avoid eye-level options at the store.

Most grocery stores strategically place the higher priced items at eye-level. So make sure you look above and below for options that are just as good, but at much more reasonable prices.

10. Shop when you're full.

If you know you’re going to the store, make sure your stomach is full. Grocery shopping while you’re hungry is the perfect way to set yourself up for impulse buys. So eat a meal or grab a snack before tackling your grocery list!

Inflated Grocery Prices: Obstacle vs. Opportunity

Inflated grocery prices are frustrating; however, they also present the opportunity to develop your budgeting skills. With planning, discipline, and a little creativity, you and your family can start habits that save money and nurture self-sufficiency. Don’t let increased food costs send you into a panic. Start small. Choose one or two strategies from the list above, and slowly add more at a time. You’ll be surprised how much you can save!

Other Ways to Save

For more tips and ideas on how to save money as a family, check out this article.

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Mary Holloman

Mary Holloman

Mary Holloman is the Communications Coordinator at The Pregnancy Network.