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The Pregnancy Network Responds – Communications Director Mary Holloman Addresses Sidewalk Advocacy in the Media

In recent weeks, The Pregnancy Network (formerly Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center) has been mentioned in several Yes! Weekly articles, specifically regarding our presence outside the abortion facility in Greensboro. There has been much misinformation, including the accusation that our volunteers have been physically aggressive and illegally blocking traffic.  We recognize that such statements may, understandably,

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The Pregnancy Network in Winston-Salem is Now Open!

After over 35 years of service in Greensboro, this week The Pregnancy Network opened a new Winston-Salem location. Our staff and ministry partners celebrated the expansion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and the opportunity to get a first look after weeks of renovations.  Located at 811 W. Fifth Street, the new office in downtown Winston-Salem is

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New Year New Season of Podcast

New Year, New Season of The Empowered Advocate Podcast

New year, new season of the Empowered Advocate podcast  The Pregnancy Network created our podcast with this goal: to equip and empower you, our listeners, to advocate for life at every stage. In Season 1 and Season 2, we shared real women’s stories and highlighted organizations making a difference. We also share conversations with notable

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TPN Coronavirus Response

The Pregnancy Network’s Response and Action Plan Regarding COVID-19

**Updated Thursday, March 25, 2021** As part of The Pregnancy Network’s dedication to providing excellent, quality care, our clients are our top priority during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are actively monitoring the status of Coronavirus and making adjustments as needed. The following precautionary measures are being implemented to protect the women we serve: In accordance

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Truth Adoption

‘Intentional, Selfless, and Loving’: The Truth on Adoption

Throughout November, our nation celebrated National Adoption Month. This option for a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy offers a path to continue to fulfill her personal goals, and also presents the opportunity for her child to have a bright future.  For those dreaming of growing their family, adoption provides the opportunity to fulfill that hope.

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Sidewalk Advocacy

‘Women Are Hurting’: A Closer Look at Sidewalk Advocacy

It’s early on a fall Saturday morning, temperatures just barely above freezing. As I pull into the entrance next to A Woman’s Choice, the abortion facility in Greensboro, I’m met by a wall of thirty rainbow-colored vests—the abortion center escorts. Mixed among them, I see  Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center’s team of Sidewalk Advocates in bright

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Abortion vs. adoption

Adoption vs. Abortion: Which Choice is Best?

“I could never give my child up for adoption. That’s why I have to have an abortion.” At face value, this seems backwards. How could adoption be a worse outcome than abortion? But many women are convinced that placing their child for adoption—”giving away” their child, as many put it—would be the most unloving option

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A Client Story

A Moment of Uncertainty: A Client Story

“Are you 100% sure this is the decision you want to make?” Tears began to spill from her eyes, and Haley* swiped at them as she stood. “No,” she said, “but I have to go. I can’t miss this appointment.” Haley walked the short distance across the mobile unit, opened the door, and stepped into

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Defend pro-life position

How to Defend the Pro-Life Position

Engaging with others on the issue of abortion can be an intimidating task. Most everyone–whether pro-abortion or pro-life–has strong feelings about this issue, and understandably so. Is it possible to defend the pro-life position in both a loving and logical way? We believe it is possible, and that is the issue we tackle in our

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Infanticide, Animal Cruelty. Abortion.

Infanticide, Animal Cruelty, and How We’re Confused on Both

I was running through a mental to-do list for the day and enjoying the beautiful sunrise when the word “abortion” sliced through the silence. I cranked the volume on the radio and listened as the show host gave a brief update announcing that today (April 10, 2019) in North Carolina, a senate committee is scheduled

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