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The Top 10 Blog Posts From 2023

Happy New Year! We are excited to continue serving women by providing compassionate, confidential care in 2024. We published 50 articles in two languages, English and Spanish, throughout 2023. To celebrate the new year, we’ve gathered our top 10 most-read articles from 2023. If you’ve missed any, check them out!

2023’s Top 10

Pregnancy Has Entered The Chat: A New Podcast By The Pregnancy Network

Meet the podcast that’s here to equip you for what’s next now that Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat. Hear from The Pregnancy Network staff and guest experts in their fields on topics like mental health and loneliness, what to do when you don’t know what to do, caring for yourself holistically, and making empowered choices.

3 Questions You May Have about the Care for Women, Children, and Families Act

NC General Assembly

At The Pregnancy Network, it has always been our aim to provide women with the information they need to make informed, empowered decisions about their pregnancies. Because we care about you and your health, we do not offer or refer for abortions. However, we do provide information about the various kinds of abortion procedures and legal policies because we believe you deserve to be fully informed.

The NC General Assembly recently passed the Care for Women, Children, and Families Act, and the law will go into effect July 1. You may be wondering what this bill means for women in North Carolina. We believe it is important to address a few common questions about this legislation. 

5 Simple Ways to Care for a Friend Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

care friend unplanned pregnancy

Wondering how you can support a friend who is unexpectedly pregnant? No matter how much it may seem like she has it “together,” she likely needs your friendship now more than ever. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a voice of encouragement.

So, what do you say? Where do you begin? Here are 5 simple ways to care for a friend facing an unplanned pregnancy. 

4 Financial Tools for Your 20s

Financial tools for women

Your twenties are an exciting time full of new opportunities, experiences, and challenges. To help you navigate this exciting (and sometimes daunting) period in your life, we’ve put together a list of four helpful tools that will help you make the most of your money.

As a woman in your twenties, it’s crucial to establish good financial habits early on to set yourself up for long-term success. Whether you’re looking to save money, minimize debt, or plan for the future, these 4 simple tools will provide you with the tips and insights you need to achieve your financial goals. Let’s get started!

5 Ways to Care for a Friend Experiencing Pregnancy Loss

ultrasound and candle

Pain you wouldn’t wish on anyone – the pain of losing a child– isn’t a distant reality. 1 in 4 women will be affected by pregnancy or infant loss in their lifetime. The women you work with, the women you encounter at the grocery store, the women in your church pews – this pain weaves a quarter of them together, yet so many walk through it alone.

We asked women what was or would’ve been helpful as they grieved the loss of their little ones. Here are five ways to care for the woman in your life experiencing loss.

Compassionate Care: Becoming Seen and Loved

alguien visto y amado

12 years.

That’s how long she’d been waiting.

Her financial resources were exhausted. None of the physicians she had been to could help her.

But there was one thing she still had: hope.

From Overwhelmed to Blessed: Shakira’s Story

“I’m a full-time student and work full-time, just busy all the time, and then I found out I was pregnant.”

Shakira, a mom of 6, was shocked when she found out she was pregnant. “I took like 7 tests.”

She was scared.

Compassionate Care: The Living Water We Need

empowering women through holistic care

We all have a water jar. A place we turn to to satisfy our needs, provide security, or fulfill our desires. The Samaritan woman was no different. She carried her water jar up to Jacob’s well, presumably often, alone in the heat of the day. That’s the thing about water jars: they never stay full for long. They demand to be filled time and time again. 

I bet the Samaritan woman never anticipated what she would find at the well that day. She went to the well to fill her water jar, but left her water jar at the well. What she found was far greater than anything that jar could offer.

Pregnant and Not Sure What to Do? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Decide

unplanned pregnancy

Two pink lines on a pregnancy test can be a lot to take in, especially if you weren’t expecting them. If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re not alone. Almost 5% of women of childbearing age experience unintended pregnancies each year. If you’re exploring all of your options for your pregnancy, we’d love to help you make a fully-informed choice. Here are three questions to ask yourself before you decide.

‘If You’re Scared, If You Don’t Know What To Do, Come Here’: What Women Are Sayingwhat women are saying

A recent study researched what is most important to women and men attending medical appointments. The top response was the desire for real connection with medical professionals (i.e. kindness, open communication, being treated as a human and not just a patient). Women and men also desired shared decision-making (i.e. being fully informed about treatment, procedures, and medication) and knowledge about finances and insurance.

Attending a medical appointment is a vulnerable experience. You are entrusting others with your personal information, medical history, and healthcare. You deserve the highest quality of care and compassion.