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Angela's Story

“They just take care of you”: Angela’s Story

All of a sudden I get the news that I am pregnant. It was a very difficult situation.Angela found out she was pregnant, and shortly after, she was let go from her job. Her options felt limited. Every place I went to the doors were closed to me. Angela heard about The Pregnancy Network from

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S2E1: Fertility Awareness Methods

Beth Appiah is a registered nurse at The Pregnancy Network and is currently working on her Family Nurse Practitioner degree. She hopes to specialize in Women’s Health. This month, she joins host Chloe Belk on Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat to discuss Fertility Awareness Methods. Whether you’re curious about different methods of birth control or

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New Year, New Pregnancy: What’s Next?

A new year is full of exciting changes: new habits, new routines, and new hobbies. Who doesn’t love a fresh start? But maybe your new year looks different in 2024. You woke up feeling off, you were expecting a period that never came, and when you took the “just in case” test the result was…

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The Top 10 Blog Posts From 2023

Happy New Year! We are excited to continue serving women by providing compassionate, confidential care in 2024. We published 50 articles in two languages, English and Spanish, throughout 2023. To celebrate the new year, we’ve gathered our top 10 most-read articles from 2023. If you’ve missed any, check them out! 2023’s Top 10 Pregnancy Has

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Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat: Season 1 Review

At The Pregnancy Network, we desire to see women equipped, informed, and empowered to face their situations without fear. Whether it’s an unplanned pregnancy, an unexpected STD, or navigating the ups and downs of motherhood, we’re in your corner with valuable expertise and support. Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat was born out of our desire

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Your information is safe with us.

The Pregnancy Network has served women in the Triad with compassionate, confidential care since 1985. It is our mission to see women move from undecided to equipped and empowered in their pregnancies. We do this by providing free medical services, education and resources, and an opportunity to find community through the Connect program.  What does

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From Overwhelmed to Blessed: Shakira’s Story

“I’m a full-time student and work full-time, just busy all the time, and then I found out I was pregnant.” Shakira, a mom of 6, was shocked when she found out she was pregnant. “I took like 7 tests.” She was scared.  Shakira already had a lot on her plate. She wasn’t married, and she

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S1E7: Pregnancy on the College Campus

Catherine Riley is the lead author of Title IX and the Protection of Pregnant and Parenting College Students, is a former Part-Time Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University, and is the owner and consultant of Supportive Spaces Consulting, LLC. This month, she joined host Chloe Boyle on Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat to discuss “Pregnancy

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alguien visto y amado

Compassionate Care: Becoming Seen and Loved

12 years. That’s how long she’d been waiting. Her financial resources were exhausted. None of the physicians she had been to could help her. But there was one thing she still had: hope. Bringing Hope In her time, rumors were spreading of a man who could heal sickness and injury. We know this because when

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