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empowering women through holistic care

Compassionate Care: The Living Water We Need

“So the woman left her water jar and went away into town and said to the people, “Come see a man who told me all that I ever did. Can this be the Christ?” John 4:28-29 We all have a water jar. A place we turn to to satisfy our needs, provide security, or fulfill

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volunteering risk

3 Ways Volunteering at The Pregnancy Network is Risky

Risky is defined as “having the possibility of failure, danger, or loss.” Volunteering at The Pregnancy Network is risky.  Quite the volunteer recruitment strategy, right? Come Volunteer at The Pregnancy Network and experience failure, danger, and loss like you never have before!  There’s a reason I’m not a recruiter. But let’s be honest—diving headfirst into

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Abortion Sidewalk

A New Path: One Woman’s Return to an Abortion Facility

Sarah spends many Saturday mornings outside the abortion facility in Greensboro. She volunteers as a Sidewalk Advocate with The Pregnancy Network. A decade ago, she visited the same abortion facility under much different circumstances. Today, she bravely visits the same sidewalk she stood on so many years before.  She’s there to show women love and

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Young Women Need Advocates

‘Young Women Need Advocates’: Why One Volunteer Serves

Meet Carrie, a Peer Advocate at The Pregnancy Network. Her role is to meet with women and provide support and counsel during appointments. Though the training process for this volunteer position is lengthy, she says she is passionate about providing encouragement to women in the community—because she’s walked in their shoes.  Encouraging Others Carrie walked

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Sidewalk Advocacy

‘Women Are Hurting’: A Closer Look at Sidewalk Advocacy

It’s early on a fall Saturday morning, temperatures just barely above freezing. As I pull into the entrance next to A Woman’s Choice, the abortion facility in Greensboro, I’m met by a wall of thirty rainbow-colored vests—the abortion center escorts. Mixed among them, I see  Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center’s team of Sidewalk Advocates in bright

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Don't Look Away, Our Response to Abortion

‘Don’t Look Away’: Our Response to Abortion

He came that Saturday morning because his pastor asked him to come. His church was a part of the Love Life prayer walks outside the local abortion facility, but he’d never been until now. To be honest, it never occurred to him to attend. He knew he was “pro-life,” but not much more than that.

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Sidewalk Advocacy

Heartbreak and Hope: One Year of Sidewalk Advocacy

The air is thick and heavy. The North Carolina humidity plays a part in that, but here—in this place—there’s something else that accompanies the heaviness. A weightiness. A presence. A tension. Something that feels…wrong.  An abortion facility has that kind of effect.  A Place of Heartbreak In July of 2018, GPCC’s sidewalk advocates stepped foot

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Advocate and Appointment podcast

The Advocate & the Appointment

The idea of “peer advocacy” is intimidating to some, and confusing to others. What do we mean when we talk about peer advocates, and what actually happens inside an appointment with clients at the pregnancy center? We dive into this topic on our most recent The Empowered Advocate podcast episode, The Advocate and the Appointment.

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sidewalk advocacy podcast

Sidewalk Advocacy: An Insider’s Look

We’re excited to share with you our latest episode from The Empowered Advocate podcast, Sidewalk Advocacy: An Insider’s Look. On this episode, we interview Carla Stowers, team leader for the GPCC sidewalk advocacy team. She gives an insider’s perspective of what takes place on the sidewalk outside of an abortion facility in Greensboro. Carla shares

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